We find ourselves living in uncertain times, with social and political divisions becoming more pronounced and consensus harder and harder to find. Despite these difficulties, life continues to bring moments of joy, connection and grace, if only we pause long enough to notice and appreciate them.

The mind can only attend to a tiny proportion of the available information around us, and the filter is set by our attitude. A negative attitude will attune us to notice negative events, which become self-reinforcing and fuel despair. A hopeful attitude will attune us to positive events and grow the resilience and optimism that we need to heal our own and other’s pain.

Our programme for the coming year brings many opportunities to grow in faith. We start the year with an evening of Ecumenical worship. We are offering introductory sessions for Ignatian Prayer and Christian Meditation, for those new to these paths. Several workshops offer the space and process to reflect and explore with others, guided by skilled and sensitive facilitators who bring many years of experience and wisdom. Three evening sessions will explore the Psalms. There are evenings of poetry and music. So much to choose from!

We look forward to welcoming you in the year ahead and hope that you will join us.

Jonathan Males

On behalf of the Programme Committee

14 January 2019


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