Faith and its expression take many forms: from the rituals of Holy Communion and shared prayer, singing hymns, evangelising, community service, to silent contemplation… all have their place. While these offer varied types of experience and will appeal in different measure to each of us, they have in common the invitation to enter into a relationship with God that transcends our individual identity. No longer are we the centre of own world; in faith we recognise our human limitations and seek to appreciate, even if we do not understand, the mystery of creation. Rather than weakening us, surrendering the primacy of the self brings a freedom that can be truly liberating.


Here in Cockfosters, we aim to offer opportunities to complement your regular forms of worship, and that will expand your experience of faith through poetry, through nature, through meditation and through sharing your experience with others in a safe and intimate environment. We seek to be a place for inquiry and reflection more than a source of ready answers. This to us seems to be the epitome of faith – to be comfortable not knowing, but willing to trust.


We do hope you can join us.


Jonathan Males on behalf of the Programme Committee

19 January 2020

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