I read a report from the Royal Society in today’s news that Spring is arriving one month earlier than it was in 1987.  After another difficult winter, this might seem like good news, as daffodils and crocuses add welcome bursts of colour, but it is due to global warming. This winter has been about 1 degree warmer than average, which might not seem much but is enough to disrupt nature’s timing.   Like the massive changes wrought by the Pandemic, the effects of global warming are a mixed bag.  Whilst there are many challenges and difficulties to face, at the same time there are glimmers of hope and confidence.

Spring is an important time of new life and growth, and of course it is also when (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) we celebrate Easter and the greatest re-birth of all.  We hope you will join us in the coming months, to take a little time away from your regular routines to listen, reflect and share with others.  Our intention is to offer experiences that complement and extend your experience of faith and spirituality. You do not need to a regular parishioner here in Cockfosters, or indeed at any church, as we welcome everyone who brings an open mind and open heart. We anticipate that most of our events will be hosted in person, but we will continue to offer virtual events if our speakers are unable to travel.

Please keep an eye on our website, or join our mailing list, as we will be adding more events through the year.

Jonathan Males

On behalf of the Programme Committee

13 February 2022

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