If you read the newspapers there are plenty of reasons to worry about the year ahead. Continued uncertainty over Brexit, increasing tensions around North Korea, oceans clogged with plastic, the poorest dying of diabetes in the developed world while hundreds of thousands face starvation in Africa.

How do we live in this world without becoming overwhelmed?

Perhaps by remembering that we always have an important choice. We can choose to see the world as meaningless, or we can choose to have faith, to believe that God’s love is immanent and ever-present. This choice can be grounded in the experience of the deep, inner sense of peace that arises when we take time to be still and let the worries and noise of the world recede.

Choosing to experience the world from a position of faith provides a platform from which we can make further choices moment by moment; to choose hope instead of fear, to express kindness rather than judgement, to see beauty not ugliness in the face of a stranger, to think about the impact of a car journey instead of walking. Each time we make a choice based in faith we shape the world around us, increasing the chances that our actions will lead to greater love, greater wisdom, greater compassion. In the accumulation of our choices lies hope for the world and humanity’s place within it. Let us all do what we can to choose wisely in the year ahead.

Our programme in 2018 brings together some wonderful opportunities for you to pause, listen and reflect. The speakers bring a rich variety of topics, from Alan Combes’ joyous exploration of song, to Peter Tyler’s profound work on Christian Mindfulness, to Laurence McGonnell’s inspiring approach to the spiritualty of death and dying.

Join us when you can, and please share our programme with anyone you know who might appreciate it.

Jonathan Males


On behalf of the Programme Committee

24 December 2017


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